How do rewards work?

To be entered to win rewards, which can vary from gift cards (Amazon, Visa, etc.,), to El Rey merchandise, and more, you will need to complete surveys through El Rey Nation.  When you are invited to take a given survey, the invite language will describe the reward(s) for that survey that will be awarded to a set number of participants.  Reward amounts and types will vary survey to survey.

How do I navigate El Rey Nation?

When you first log in, you are automatically redirected to El Rey Nation homepage.  You can return to this homepage at any point during your visit by clicking either “El Rey Nation” logo in the top left of the site, of the “Home” button on the top main navigation bar.

Other Points of Interest on the Site:

  • Announcement Board: Front-and-center on the homepage is a large, rotating announcement board – where you can find the latest articles, news items, project details, etc.
  • Main Navigation Bar: If you’d prefer direct access to the various project landing pages (surveys, quick polls and discussion boards) or to your profile page, the top of page navigation bar provides you this opportunity.
  • Social Spot: On the right side of the homepage is a compilation of tweets, posts, and videos from various El Rey social media pages.
  • Other details can be found through various links at the bottom of the site.

I did not get a confirmation after I completed my registration for El Rey Nation. What happened?

Within 24 hours of registering with El Rey Nation, a confirmation email is sent to you to verify your email address and that you are the authorized user.  If you did not receive the confirmation email, you may have entered an incorrect or misspelled email address.  Should this be the case, or you have other questions about the registration process, please contact us at

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